Interviews - Issue 3

These unfiltered and intimate 3-minute video interviews from New York will give you a glimpse into this renowned world of dreams, and things to do if you want to be a local. Go behind the scenes on the city in this unexpected and honest series form New Yorkers homes!

Laura: New York storyteller on mystical creatures on the subway

Cacho: New York body painter invites you to explore his crib

Marlon: Brooklynite sharing New Yorker insight

Sophia: Fierce New York nightlife performer on music venues and annoying New Yorkers

Jim: Local New York hero and war veteran about mosaic art and homelessness

Niki: New York stylist on favorite local shops

Addo: Body builder on thongs, diet and New York

Lisa: Native New York speech coach, entrepreneur and conversation starter

Woody: Pug lover on hipsters, loneliness and Queens

Eric: Sloppy drag giving you a tour of his New York apartment